Scenes from Russian Market

I tend to stay away from markets nowadays – my minimalist personality gets overwhelmed by all the stuff – but I was in need of some cotton pants and sunglasses, so I made the 20-minute trek to Russian Market.
Named for the Russians who frequented the market back in the 1980s (so says my guidebook), it’s full of nearly everything imaginable: tools, housewares, cleaning supplies, clothes, bags, purses, jewelry, books, movies, sunglasses, food and drink. Some of the name-brand clothing that is made in factories here in Cambodia can also be purchased for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for it off store shelves in the U.S. or Europe.
Unlike some markets, this one is not open air, and vendors are crammed in row after row, often making it difficult to maneuver past people. If you’re claustrophobic, watch out. Still, it was very interesting and enjoyable to see up close. I may actually go back for a few items for friends and family near the end of my time here. I ended up buying a pair of pants, sunglasses and an iced coffee for $5 total. Not a bad deal at all.









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